Source Core Rulebook pg. 635 2.0
An effect with this trait delivers a poison or deals poison damage. An item with this trait is poisonous and might cause an affliction.


Exhale Poison, Tail Toxin, Toxic Skin


Addlebrain, Alcohol, Arsenic, Belladonna, Black Adder Venom, Black Lotus Extract, Black Smear Poison, Blackfinger Blight, Blight Bomb, Blightburn Resin, Blood Sap, Bloodeye Coffee, Blue Dragonfly Poison, Brimstone Fumes, Cerulean Scourge, Cytillesh, Cytillesh Oil, Dagger of Venom, Daylight Vapor, Death Knell Powder, Deathcap Powder, Diluted Hype, Dragon Bile, Dread Ampoule, Dreamtime Tea, Elven Absinthe, False Death, Fearweed, Flayleaf, Forgetful Ink, Frenzy Oil, Giant Centipede Venom, Giant Scorpion Venom, Giant Wasp Venom, Gorgon's Breath, Graveroot, Green Gut, Green Wyrmling Breath Potion, Grolna, Hemlock, Honeyscent, Hunger Oil, Hunting Spider Venom, Isolation Draught, King's Sleep, Knockout Dram, Leadenleg, Lethargy Poison, Liar's Demise, Lich Dust, Lifeblight Residue, Looter's Lethargy, Mage Bane, Malyass Root Paste, Mindfog Mist, Nauseating Snare, Nettleweed Residue, Nightmare Salt, Nightmare Vapor, Oblivion Essence, Plasma Hype, Poisonous Dagger, Purple Worm Venom, Reaper's Lancet, Refined Pesh, Repulsion Resin, Scour, Shadow Essence, Shiver, Sight-Theft Grit, Sloughing Toxin, Slumber Wine, Spear Frog Poison, Spectral Nightshade, Spell-Eating Pitch, Spider Root, Stupor Poison, Tears of Death, Toad Tears, Violet Venom, Wand of the Spider, Weeping Midnight, Wolfsbane, Wyvern Poison, Yellow Musk Vial, Zerk


Cloak of Poison, Cobra Envenom

Monk Unarmed Attacks

Cobra Fang


Garden of Death


Cloudkill, Envenom Companion, Flammable Fumes, Imp Sting, Leng Sting, Linnorm Sting, Nature's Reprisal, Noxious Vapors, Puff of Poison, Purple Worm Sting, Spider Sting, Stinking Cloud, Swarming Wasp Stings, Wyvern Sting