Source Core Rulebook pg. 635 4.0
This indicates abilities from the ranger class.


Hunt Prey


Accurate Flurry, Additional Recollection, Animal Companion, Animal Feature, Blind-Fight, Camouflage, Can't You See?, Companion's Cry, Crossbow Ace, Dazzling Display, Deadly Aim, Defy Fey, Disrupt Prey, Distracting Shot, Double Prey, Eerie Environs, Eerie Proclamation, Eerie Traces, Enlarge Companion, Ephemeral Tracking, Far Shot, Farabellus Flip, Favored Enemy, Favored Terrain, Fey Tracker, Giant Hunter, Giant Slayer, Gravity Weapon, Greater Distracting Shot, Greenwatch Initiate, Greenwatch Veteran, Greenwatcher, Hamstringing Strike, Hazard Finder, Heal Companion, Hunted Shot, Hunter's Aim, Hunter's Luck, Hunter's Vision, Impossible Flurry, Impossible Snares, Impossible Volley, Improved Twin Riposte (Ranger), Incredible Companion (Ranger), Irezoko Tattoo, Legendary Monster Hunter, Legendary Shot, Lightning Snares, Magic Hide, Manifold Edge, Master Monster Hunter, Masterful Companion, Mature Animal Companion (Ranger), Mimic Protections, Monster Hunter, Monster Warden, Obscured Emergence, Penetrating Shot, Perfect Shot, Powerful Snares, Quick Draw, Quick Snares, Ranger's Bramble, Relentless Stalker, Roll with It (Ranger), Running Reload, Scout's Warning, Second Sting, Sense the Unseen, Shadow Hunter, Shared Prey, Side by Side (Ranger), Skirmish Strike, Snap Shot, Snare Hopping, Snare Specialist, Soothing Mist, Specialized Companion (Ranger), Stealthy Companion, Superior Sight, Swift Tracker, Targeting Shot, Terrain Master, Terrain Transposition, The Harder They Fall (Ranger), Time Dilation Cascade, To the Ends of the Earth, Triple Threat, Twin Parry, Twin Riposte, Twin Takedown, Ubiquitous Snares, Ultimate Skirmisher, United Assault, Unseen Passage, Warden's Boon, Warden's Focus, Warden's Guidance, Warden's Step, Warden's Wellspring, Wild Empathy, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Focus Spells

Animal Feature, Enlarge Companion, Ephemeral Tracking, Gravity Weapon, Heal Companion, Hunter's Luck, Hunter's Vision, Magic Hide, Ranger's Bramble, Snare Hopping, Soothing Mist, Terrain Transposition