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Source Core Rulebook pg. 637 2.0
A talisman is a small object affixed to armor, a shield, or a weapon (called the affixed item). You must be wielding or wearing an item to activate a talisman attached to it. Once activated, a talisman burns out permanently.


Adaptive Cogwheel, Admonishing Band, Alchemist's Damper, Balisse Feather, Basilisk Eye, Beckoning Cat Amulet, Binding Coil, Blessed Ampoule, Bloodseeker Beak, Bronze Bull Pendant, Celestial Hair, Crying Angel Pendant, Dazing Coil, Detect Anathema Fulu, Dispelling Sliver, Dragon Turtle Scale, Dragonbone Arrowhead, Effervescent Ampoule, Emerald Grasshopper, Emergency Disguise, Energized Cartridge, Eye of Apprehension, Eye of Enlightenment, Fade Band, Fear Gem, Feather Step Stone, Flame Navette, Fortifying Pebble, Fulu of the Drunken Monkey, Fulu of the Stoic Ox, Gallows Tooth, Ghost Dust, Ghostbane Fulu, Ghostshot Wrapping, Goblin-Eye Orb, Golden Branding Iron, Golden Silencer, Golden Spur, Grim Trophy, Grinning Pugwampi, Hunter's Bane, Indomitable Keepsake, Iron Cube, Iron Cudgel, Iron Equalizer, Iron Medallion, Ixamè's Eye, Jade Bauble, Jade Cat, Lion Badge, Lion Claw, Liquid Gold, Lucky Rabbit's Foot, Mad Mammoth's Juke, Malleable Clay, Matchmaker Fulu, Mending Lattice, Merciful Charm, Mesmerizing Opal, Monkey Pin, Mummified Bat, Murderer's Knot, Oily Button, Onyx Panther, Orchestral Brooch, Owlbear Claw, Peacemaker, Peachwood Talisman, Persistent Lodestone, Potency Crystal, Putrescent Glob, Rebound Fulu, Retrieval Prism, Rhino Hide Brooch, Runescribed Disk, Savior Spike, Shark Tooth Charm, Shockguard Coil, Shrieking Skull, Silver Tripod, Singing Muse, Slippery Ribbon, Snapleaf, Sneaky Key, Sniper's Bead, Stormbreaker Fulu, Stormfeather, Swift Block Cabochon, Tiger Menuki, Tusk and Fang Chain, Vanishing Coin, Vapor Sphere, Venomous Cure Fulu, Viper's Fang, Whisper Briolette, Wolf Fang