Source Core Rulebook pg. 637 2.0
Once living, these creatures were infused after death with negative energy and soul-corrupting evil magic. When reduced to 0 Hit Points, an undead creature is destroyed. Undead creatures are damaged by positive energy, are healed by negative energy, and don't benefit from healing effects.


Abandoned Zealot, Aiudara Wraith, Attic Whisperer, Banshee, Barnacle Ghoul, Baykok, Binumir, Bodak, Bog Mummy, Bone Croupier, Bone Ship, Bright Walker, Cairn Wight, Chimpanzee Visitant, Clacking Skull Swarm, Corpselight, Corrupted Relic, Crawling Hand, Demilich, Devourer, Dragonscarred Dead, Draugr, Dread Wraith, Dullahan, Dybbuk, Elder Wyrmwraith, Excorion, Feral Skull Swarm, Festrog, Flaming Skull, Forge-Spurned, Fortune Eater, Gashadokuro, Ghast, Ghost Commoner, Ghost Mage, Ghoul, Giant Crawling Hand, Graveknight, Greater Shadow, Grim Reaper, Guecubu, Harpy Skeleton, Hellcrown, Herecite of Zevgavizeb, Herexen, Iffdahsil, Kurobozu, Leng Ghoul, Lesser Death, Lich, Lion Visitant, Lovelorn, Minister Of Tumult, Mohrg, Mummy Guardian, Mummy Pharaoh, Muse Phantom, Namorrodor, Nemhaith, Nightmarchers, Nosferatu Malefactor, Nosferatu Overlord, Obrousian, Plague Zombie, Poltergeist, Provincial Jiang-Shi, Ravener, Ravener Husk, Remnant of Barzillai, Revenant, Seething Spirit, Severed Head, Shadow, Shambler Troop, Shanrigol Behemoth, Shanrigol Heap, Skaveling, Skeletal Champion, Skeletal Giant, Skeletal Horse, Skeletal Hulk, Skeleton Guard, Skeleton Infantry, Skulltaker, Sorcerous Skull Swarm, Soulbound Ruin, Specter, Squirming Swill, Sthira, Sulfur Zombie, Tanglebones, Totenmaske, Trailgaunt, Tyrannosaurus Skeleton, Tzitzimitl, Vampire Count, Vampire Mastermind, Vampire Spawn, Void Zombie, Vrykolakas Ancient, Vrykolakas Master, Vrykolakas Spawn, Warsworn, Wight, Witchfire, Wraith, Wyrmwraith, Zealborn, Zombie Brute, Zombie Dragon, Zombie Hulk, Zombie Shambler