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Source Core Rulebook pg. 283 2.0
You can use this weapon to Trip with the Athletics skill even if you don't have a free hand. This uses the weapon's reach (if different from your own) and adds the weapon's item bonus to attack rolls as an item bonus to the Athletics check. If you critically fail a check to Trip using the weapon, you can drop the weapon to take the effects of a failure instead of a critical failure.

Monk Unarmed Attacks

Flowing Wave


Aklys, Bladed Diabolo, Bladed Scarf, Bo Staff, Fauchard, Flail, Gaff, Gnome Amalgam Musket, Gnome Hooked Hammer, Guisarme, Hook Sword, Horsechopper, Kama, Khopesh, Kukri, Kusarigama, Lion Scythe, Meteor Hammer, Ogre Hook, Scorpion Whip, Scythe, Shauth Lash, Sickle, Spiked Chain, Tekko-kagi, Temple Sword, War Flail, Whip