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Source Core Rulebook pg. 283 2.0
An unarmed attack uses your body rather than a manufactured weapon. An unarmed attack isn't a weapon, though it's categorized with weapons for weapon groups, and it might have weapon traits. Since it's part of your body, an unarmed attack can't be Disarmed. It also doesn't take up a hand, though a fist or other grasping appendage generally works like a free-hand weapon.

Monk Unarmed Attacks

Cobra Fang, Crane Wing, Dragon Tail, Falling Stone, Fire Talon, Flashing Spark, Flowing Wave, Gorilla Slam, Iron Sweep, Lashing Branch, Shadow Grasp, Stinging Lash, Stumbling Swing, Tiger Claw, Vitality Blast, Wind Crash, Wolf Jaw