Source Bestiary pg. 346
An incorporeal creature or object has no physical form. It can pass through solid objects, including walls. When inside an object, an incorporeal creature can’t perceive, attack, or interact with anything outside the object, and if it starts its turn in an object, it is slowed 1. Corporeal creatures can pass through an incorporeal creature, but they can’t end their movement in its space.

An incorporeal creature can’t attempt Strength-based checks against physical creatures or objects—only against incorporeal ones—unless those objects have the ghost touch property rune. Likewise, a corporeal creature can’t attempt Strength-based checks against incorporeal creatures or objects.

Incorporeal creatures usually have immunity to effects or conditions that require a physical body, like disease, poison, and precision damage. They usually have resistance against all damage (except force damage and damage from Strikes with the ghost touch property rune), with double the resistance against non-magical damage.


Aether Appendage


Abandoned Zealot, Aiudara Wraith, Animate Dream, Banshee, Betobeto-San, Bhuta, Binumir, Bright Walker, Charghar, Comozant Wyrd, Corrupted Relic, Cunning Guide, Death Coach, Dread Wraith, Dybbuk, Elder Wyrmwraith, Feathered Bear, Fluxwraith, Fortune Eater, Geist, Ghost Commoner, Ghost Mage, Ghost Pirate Captain, Ghostly Mob, Gliminal, Grappling Spirit, Gray Death, Greater Shadow, Green Monkey, Hantu Belian, Hantu Denai, Hungry Ghost, Invidiak, Ioton, Last Guard, Llorona, Muse Phantom, Nemhaith, Nightmarchers, Phantom Beast, Phantom Knight, Polong, Poltergeist, Pyrogeist, Remnant of Barzillai, Screaming Sulfur, Seething Spirit, Shadow, Sié Goluo, Smog Wraith, Specter, Spectral Devil, Stone-Breasted Owl, Theater Phantasm, Tumblak, Waldgeist, Witchfire, Wraith, Wyrmwraith