Source Core Rulebook pg. 629
This indicates abilities from the cleric class.


Advanced Domain, Align Armament, Avatar's Audience, Cantrip Expansion, Cast Down, Castigating Weapon, Channel Smite, Channeled Succor, Command Undead, Communal Healing, Cremate Undead, Deadly Simplicity, Defensive Recovery, Deity's Protection, Denier of Destruction, Directed Channel, Divine Weapon, Domain Focus, Domain Initiate, Domain Wellspring, Echoing Channel, Emblazon Antimagic, Emblazon Armament, Emblazon Divinity, Emblazon Energy, Eternal Bane, Eternal Blessing, Expanded Domain Initiate, Extend Armament Alignment, False Faith, Fast Channel, Harming Hands, Healing Hands, Heroic Recovery, Holy Castigation, Improved Command Undead, Improved Communal Healing, Improved Swift Banishment, Maker of Miracles, Metamagic Channel, Necrotic Infusion, Reach Spell, Replenishment of War, Resurrectionist, Sap Life, Selective Energy, Shared Replenishment, Splinter Faith, Steady Spellcasting, Swift Banishment, Syncretism, Turn Undead, Versatile Font

Focus Powers

Agile Feet, Appearance of Wealth, Artistic Flourish, Athletic Rush, Bit of Luck, Blind Ambition, Captivating Adoration, Charming Touch, Cloak of Shadow, Commanding Lash, Competitive Edge, Cry of Destruction, Darkened Eyes, Dazzling Flash, Death's Call, Delusional Pride, Destructive Aura, Disperse into Air, Downpour, Dreamer's Call, Enduring Might, Eradicate Undeath, Face in the Crowd, Fire Ray, Flame Barrier, Forced Quiet, Glimpse the Truth, Healer's Blessing, Hurtling Stone, Know the Enemy, Localized Quake, Lucky Break, Magic's Vessel, Malignant Sustenance, Moonbeam, Mystic Beacon, Nature's Bounty, Overstuff, Perfected Form, Perfected Mind, Positive Luminance, Practice Makes Perfect, Precious Metals, Protector's Sacrifice, Protector's Sphere, Pulse of the City, Pushing Gust, Read Fate, Rebuke Death, Retributive Pain, Safeguard Secret, Savor the Sting, Scholarly Recollection, Shared Nightmare, Soothing Words, Splash of Art, Sudden Shift, Sweet Dream, Take its Course, Tempt Fate, Tidal Surge, Touch of Obedience, Touch of the Moon, Touch of Undeath, Traveler's Transit, Trickster's Twin, Unimpeded Stride, Unity, Veil of Confidence, Vibrant Thorns, Waking Nightmare, Weapon Surge, Word of Freedom, Word of Truth, Zeal for Battle