Source Core Rulebook pg. 550 4.0
A contact poison is activated by applying it to an item or directly onto a living creature's skin. The first creature to touch the affected item must attempt a saving throw against the poison; if the poison is applied directly, the creature must attempt a saving throw immediately when the poison touches its skin. Contact poisons are infeasible to apply to a creature via a weapon attack due to the logistics of delivering them without poisoning yourself. Typically, the onset time of a contact poison is 1 minute.


Abysium Powder, Astringent Venom, Black Lotus Extract, Blackfinger Blight, Blightburn Resin, Dragon Bile, Fearweed, Forgetful Ink, Frenzy Oil, Hunger Oil, Liar's Demise, Looter's Lethargy, Malyass Root Paste, Nettleweed Residue, Spider Root, Tears of Death, Toxic Effluence, Violet Venom