Source Core Rulebook pg. 630 2.0
You must select a feat with this trait to apply an archetype to your character.


Acrobat Dedication, Alchemist Dedication, Aldori Duelist Dedication, Animal Trainer Dedication, Archaeologist Dedication, Archer Dedication, Assassin Dedication, Barbarian Dedication, Bard Dedication, Bastion Dedication, Beastmaster Dedication, Bellflower Dedication, Blessed One Dedication, Bounty Hunter Dedication, Bright Lion Dedication, Butterfly Blade Dedication, Cavalier Dedication, Celebrity Dedication, Champion Dedication, Cleric Dedication, Crystal Keeper Dedication, Dandy Dedication, Dragon Disciple Dedication, Drow Shootist Dedication, Druid Dedication, Dual-Weapon Warrior Dedication, Duelist Dedication, Edgewatch Detective Dedication, Eldritch Archer Dedication, Eldritch Researcher Dedication, Familiar Master Dedication, Fighter Dedication, Firebrand Braggart Dedication, Ghost Eater Dedication, Ghost Hunter Dedication, Gladiator Dedication, Golden League Xun Dedication, Golem Grafter Dedication, Halcyon Speaker Dedication, Hellknight Armiger Dedication, Hellknight Dedication, Hellknight Signifer Dedication, Herbalist Dedication, Horizon Walker Dedication, Investigator Dedication, Jalmeri Heavenseeker Dedication, Juggler Dedication, Knight Reclaimant Dedication, Knight Vigilant, Lastwall Sentry Dedication, Linguist Dedication, Lion Blade Dedication, Living Monolith Dedication, Loremaster Dedication, Magaambyan Attendant Dedication, Magic Warrior Dedication, Marshal Dedication, Martial Artist Dedication, Mauler Dedication, Medic Dedication, Monk Dedication, Oozemorph Dedication, Oracle Dedication, Pathfinder Agent Dedication, Pirate Dedication, Poisoner Dedication, Provocator Dedication, Ranger Dedication, Red Mantis Assassin Dedication, Ritualist Dedication, Rogue Dedication, Runescarred Dedication, Scout Dedication, Scroll Trickster Dedication, Scrollmaster Dedication, Scrounger Dedication, Sentinel Dedication, Shadowdancer Dedication, Sixth Pillar Dedication, Snarecrafter Dedication, Sorcerer Dedication, Spellmaster Dedication, Staff Acrobat Dedication, Student of Perfection Dedication, Swashbuckler Dedication, Swordmaster Dedication, Talisman Dabbler Dedication, Turpin Rowe Lumberjack Dedication, Vigilante Dedication, Viking Dedication, Weapon Improviser Dedication, Witch Dedication, Wizard Dedication, Zephyr Guard Dedication