Source Core Rulebook pg. 550 4.0
An ingested poison is activated by applying it to food or drink to be consumed by a living creature, or by placing it directly into a living creature's mouth. A creature attempts a saving throw against such a poison when it consumes the poison or the food or drink treated with the poison. The onset time of ingested poisons typically ranges anywhere from 1 minute to 1 day.


Alcohol, Alkenstar Ice Wine, Arsenic, Belladonna, Blaze, Blood Sap, Bloodeye Coffee, Blue Dragonfly Poison, Careless Delight, Cytillesh, Deathcap Powder, Diluted Hype, Dreamtime Tea, Elven Absinthe, False Death, Flayleaf, Forgetful Drops, Grit, Grolna, Hemlock, Hype, Isolation Draught, King's Sleep, Knockout Dram, Lich Dust, Matsuki's Medicinal Wine, Nightmare Salt, Pesh Paste, Plasma Hype, Qat, Refined Pesh, Repulsion Resin, Saboteur's Friend, Scour, Shiver, Sight-Theft Grit, Slumber Wine, Spectral Nightshade, Succubus Kiss, Taster's Folly, Toad Tears, Wolfsbane