Source Core Rulebook pg. 550 4.0
An inhaled poison is activated by unleashing it from its container. Once unleashed, the poison creates a cloud filling a 10-foot cube lasting for 1 minute or until a strong wind dissipates the cloud. Every creature entering this cloud is exposed to the poison and must attempt a saving throw against it; a creature aware of the poison before entering the cloud can use a single action to hold its breath and gain a +2 circumstance bonus to the saving throw for 1 round.


Addlebrain, Azure Lily Pollen, Breathtaking Vapor, Brimstone Fumes, Dark Pepper Powder, Daylight Vapor, Demon Dust, False Flayleaf, Flayleaf, Gorgon's Breath, Honeyscent, Mindfog Mist, Mustard Powder, Nightmare Vapor, Refined Pesh, Scour, Sneezing Powder, Terror Spores, Vexing Vapor, Yellow Musk Vial


Puff of Poison