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Grim Swagger [two-actions]

Auditory Emotion Fear Gunslinger Linguistic Mental 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 109
Requirements You have a one-handed firearm or one-handed crossbow visibly worn or wielded.
You attempt to clear the room by promising a grim fate to anyone who doesn't do what you say, and quickly. Attempt a Deception or Intimidation check against the Will DCs of each creature within 30 feet, except for your allies. Regardless of whether you succeed or fail, each subject is temporarily immune to your Grim Swagger for 10 minutes.

For example, if you attempt a Deception check, you lie and boast about your prowess or the large group of friends on their way to back you up. If you attempt an Intimidation check, you promise everyone in the room that you're going to be the last thing they see.

Critical Success The creature becomes frightened 3. If it's lower level than you, it's also fleeing for 1 round.
Success The creature becomes frightened 2.