Source Guns & Gears pg. 233
This indicates abilities from the gunslinger class.


Break Them Down, Clear a Path, Covered Reload, Drifter's Wake, Finish the Job, Ghost Shot, Grim Swagger, Into the Fray, Living Fortification, One Shot, One Kill, Pistoler's Retort, Raconteur's Reload, Reloading Strike, Siegebreaker, Spinning Crush, Spring the Trap, Ten Paces, Thoughtful Reload, Touch and Go, Vital Shot, Wind them Up


Advanced Shooter, Alchemical Shot, Black Powder Boost, Blast Lock, Blast Tackle, Blood in the Air, Bullet Split, Called Shot, Cauterize, Come at Me!, Cover Fire, Crossbow Crack Shot, Dance of Thunder, Deadeye, Defensive Armaments, Deflecting Shot, Defy Fey, Disruptive Blur, Drifter's Juke, Dual-Weapon Reload (Gunslinger), Fake Out, Fatal Bullet, Fey Tracker, Final Shot, Flesh Wound, Greenwatch Initiate, Greenwatch Veteran, Greenwatcher, Grit and Tenacity, Hair Trigger, Headshot, Hit the Dirt!, Instant Backup, Instant Return, Leap and Fire, Munitions Crafter, Munitions Machinist, Paired Shots, Penetrating Fire, Perfect Readiness, Phalanx Breaker, Piercing Critical, Pistol Twirl, Pistolero's Challenge, Precious Munitions, Quick Draw, Reach for the Stars, Rebounding Assault, Redirecting Shot, Ricochet Legend, Ricochet Master, Ricochet Shot, Risky Reload, Running Reload, Scatter Blast, Shattering Shot, Shooter's Camouflage, Showstopper, Slinger's Reflexes, Smoke Curtain, Sniper's Aim, Stab and Blast, Sword and Pistol, Trick Shot, Triggerbrand Blitz, Triggerbrand Salvo, Twin Shot Knockdown, Two-Weapon Fusillade, Unerring Shot, Unseen Passage, Unshakable Grit, Warning Shot