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Intimidation (Cha)

Source Core Rulebook pg. 247 4.0
You bend others to your will using threats.

Changing Attitudes

Your influence on NPCs is measured with a set of attitudes that reflect how they view your character. These are only a brief summary of a creature's disposition. The GM will supply additional nuance based on the history and beliefs of the characters you're interacting with, and their attitudes can change in accordance with the story. The attitudes are detailed on the Conditions page and are summarized here.
  • Helpful: Willing to help you and responds favorably to your requests.
  • Friendly: Has a good attitude toward you, but won't necessarily stick their neck out to help you.
  • Indifferent: Doesn't care about you either way. (Most NPCs start out indifferent.)
  • Unfriendly: Dislikes you and doesn't want to help you.
  • Hostile: Actively works against you—and might attack you just because of their dislike.
No one can ever change the attitude of a player character with these skills. You can roleplay interactions with player characters, and even use Diplomacy results if the player wants a mechanical sense of how convincing or charming a character is, but players make the ultimate decisions about how their characters respond.
Item Bonuses for Intimidation - Common Items
Dread HelmVaries4Alchemical OtherNoVaries by consumable level
One Hundred Victories+13TattoosNo
Menacing+13Accessory RunesNoIntimidation checks to Coerce others
Demon Mask+14Other Worn ItemsNo
Druid's Crown+16Other Worn ItemsNo
Ash Gown+17Other Worn ItemsNo
Silvertongue Mutagen (Lesser)+11Alchemical ElixirsYes
Mask of the Banshee+29Other Worn ItemsNo
Demon Mask (Greater)+210Other Worn ItemsNo
Menacing (Greater)+210Accessory RunesNoIntimidation checks to Coerce others
Ash Gown (Greater)+211Other Worn ItemsNo
Gorget of the Primal Roar+211Other Worn ItemsNo
Rhyton of the Radiant Ifrit+214Held ItemsNoItem activation, against a specific creature, lasts 1 hour
Mask of Allure+218Other Worn ItemsNo
Silvertongue Mutagen (Moderate)+23Alchemical ElixirsYes
Dread Blindfold+317Other Worn ItemsNo
Mask of the Banshee (Greater)+319Other Worn ItemsNo
Silvertongue Mutagen (Greater)+311Alchemical ElixirsYes
Silvertongue Mutagen (Major)+417Alchemical ElixirsYes
Item Bonuses for Intimidation - Uncommon/Rare/Unique Items
Parade Armor+12AdjustmentsNoIntimidation checks against creatures of the same affiliation as your parade armor, though the bonus doesn't apply when interacting with creatures of higher rank than you
Spider Lily Tattoo+13TattoosNo
Cape of Justice+14Other Worn ItemsNoDemoralize a specific creature
The Rakshasa+120The Deck of DestinyNochecks to Coerce (can be up to +2 at 15th level and up to +3 at 18th level)
Crown of the Kobold King+29Other Worn ItemsNo
Stole of Civility+29Other Worn ItemsNoIntimidation checks against humans
Splendid Floodlight+212Held ItemsNoCharisma-based skill checks while within the red light
The Tyrant+220The Deck of DestinyNoIntimidation checks made to Demoralize (+3 at 17th level).
Dragon's Blood Pudding (Moderate)+25Alchemical ToolsYes
Bangles of Crowns+317Other Worn ItemsNo
Dragon's Blood Pudding (Greater)+313Alchemical ToolsYes
Dragon's Blood Pudding (Major)+419Alchemical ToolsYes

Related Feats

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Intimidation Untrained Actions


Auditory Concentrate Emotion Exploration Linguistic Mental 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 247 4.0
With threats either veiled or overt, you attempt to bully a creature into doing what you want. You must spend at least 1 minute of conversation with a creature you can see and that can either see or sense you. At the end of the conversation, attempt an Intimidation check against the target's Will DC, modified by any circumstances the GM determines. The attitudes referenced in the effects below are summarized in the Changing Attitudes sidebar and described in full in the Conditions page.

Critical Success The target gives you the information you seek or agrees to follow your directives so long as they aren't likely to harm the target in any way. The target continues to comply for an amount of time determined by the GM but not exceeding 1 day, at which point the target becomes unfriendly (if they weren't already unfriendly or hostile). However, the target is too scared of you to retaliate—at least in the short term.
Success As critical success, but once the target becomes unfriendly, they might decide to act against you—for example, by reporting you to the authorities or assisting your enemies.
Failure The target doesn’t do what you say, and if they were not already unfriendly or hostile, they become unfriendly.
Critical Failure The target refuses to comply, becomes hostile if they weren’t already, and can’t be Coerced by you for at least 1 week.

Demoralize [one-action]

Auditory Concentrate Emotion Fear Mental 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 247 4.0
With a sudden shout, a well-timed taunt, or a cutting putdown, you can shake an enemy's resolve. Choose a creature within 30 feet of you who you're aware of. Attempt an Intimidation check against that target's Will DC. If the target does not understand the language you are speaking, or you're not speaking a language, you take a –4 circumstance penalty to the check. Regardless of your result, the target is temporarily immune to your attempts to Demoralize it for 10 minutes.

Critical Success The target becomes frightened 2.
Success The target becomes frightened 1.