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The Deck of Destiny

The EclipseItem 20

This Item may contain spoilers from the Stolen Fate Adventure Path

Legacy Content

Unique Artifact Enchantment Invested Magical 
Source Pathfinder #192: Worst of All Possible Worlds pg. 74
Usage carried; Bulk
Suit Stars (Wis); Alignment lawful evil
The Eclipse represents self-doubt and loss of purpose, as well as a loss of faith. As long as The Eclipse is invested, you gain a +2 item bonus on Religion checks. This increases to a +3 bonus if you are at least 17th level.

Activate [reaction] envision (mental); Frequency once per day; Trigger A foe that you're aware of and who is within 60 feet achieves a critical success on a saving throw or a Strike; Effect You produce an aura of doubt that overwhelms all foes in a 30-foot emanation and reduces bright light in that area to dim light, as if the region were under an eclipse. The triggering creature's critical success is reduced to a regular success. All further saving throws or Strikes attempted by enemies within the emanation suffer a –2 item penalty; saving throws or Strikes attempted by the triggering enemy suffer a –3 penalty instead. You can sustain this aura of doubt for up to 1 minute.