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PFS LimitedSun WheelItem 5

This Item may contain spoilers from the Troubles in Otari Adventure

Legacy Content

Rare Abjuration Invested Magical 
Source Troubles in Otari pg. 60
Price 150 gp
Usage worn; Bulk
Created by the priests of a Qadiran sect of Sarenites, the sun wheels were designed to protect the Dawnflower's followers in their quest to hunt down a dangerous cult trying to raise a spawn of the evil god Rovagug. Once they completed their crusade, these priests disbanded and went on to minister other congregations. They each took their sun wheels with them, handing them down to the next generations.

This copper medallion is etched with a stylized sun, its rays shaped like the spokes of a wagon wheel. It tends to glint brightly when exposed to sunlight. While wearing this pendant, you gain a +1 item bonus to Religion checks. You must be good-aligned to use the sun wheel's true power: the following activation, which provides you a shield of burning force.

Activate [one-action] concentrate; Effect The sun wheel casts a shield spell benefiting you. When you use the spell to prevent damage, you prevent 10 damage instead of 5. If the attacker is adjacent to you, you can choose to deal 2d6 fire damage to it, which it gets a DC 21 basic Reflex save to resist.

If you choose to deal the fire damage, you can't Activate the sun wheel again until the next morning. If you prevent damage but don't deal the fire damage, you can use it again in 10 minutes, as normal for shield.