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PFS RestrictedTap Vitality [one-action] Feat 6

Archetype Concentrate Healing Necromancy Positive 
Source Dark Archive pg. 140
Archetype Living Vessel
Frequency once per hour
Prerequisites Living Vessel Dedication

You tap into the entity's life force to heal your wounds, though at the cost of the entity's personality bleeding into your own. You recover a number of Hit Points equal to four times your level. Each time you use Tap Vitality, you begin to bleed more and more of the entity's personality and instincts into your own until the next time you spend an hour or more assuaging the entity, bringing your mind back under your own control.

Special This action has the tradition trait appropriate to your entity, typically divine for a demon, occult for an aberration or outer entity, or primal for a fey



This feat belongs to an archetype.


An action with this trait requires a degree of mental concentration and discipline.


A healing effect restores a creature's body, typically by restoring Hit Points, but sometimes by removing diseases or other debilitating effects.


Effects and magic items with this trait are associated with the necromancy school of magic, typically involving forces of life and death.


Effects with this trait heal living creatures with positive energy, deal positive energy damage to undead, or manipulate positive energy. Planes with this trait are awash with life energy of such intensity that it can harm living creatures. Creatures with this trait are natives of the Positive Energy Plane. They can survive the basic environmental effects of the Positive Energy Plane.