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PFS LimitedPolong

Incorporeal Undead 
Source Book of the Dead pg. 40
Required Number of Abilities 8
Granted Abilities flier, lifelink, skilled (society) , speech, spellcasting

Polongs are wicked, invisible spirits created from the blood of murder victims, bound to glass bottles, and fed with the blood of their master. They're often used to possess and sicken their master's enemies. Polongs can't be found or acquired, only created, a process that can take up to two weeks. If a polong's bottle is ever destroyed, or if its master fails to provide its daily feeding of blood, the polong withers and dies.

Anchored Incorporeality

Source Book of the Dead pg. 40
Anchor must be a bottle.

While most ghosts are bound to the site where they died or were buried, some instead find themselves bound to specific items, such as a particular piece of jewelry, article of clothing, pet's collar, or a stone from a building in which it dwelled. These items, known as anchors, were important to the ghost in life, or critical to the events of their death and haunting.

A creature with anchored incorporeality has the incorporeal trait, meaning it can move through physical creatures and such creatures can move through it. It can't attempt Strength-based checks (such as Grapple) against corporeal creatures and corporeal creatures can't attempt such checks against it. Though incorporeal, a creature with anchored incorporeality can travel no more than 60 feet from its anchor and must maintain line of effect to the anchor. This typically prevents it from moving through walls. Unlike many other incorporeal creatures, a creature with anchored incorporeality doesn't have resistance to all damage or immunity to precision damage.

A character with an animal companion or familiar that has anchored incorporeality can transfer the anchor to a new item with a special ritual. This requires spending 1 week in concert with the companion to create a new anchor. A character who knows this technique might be able to adapt it to transfer a ghost's Site Bound ability (or similar restriction) to tie it to an anchor instead of a place.

Polong Possession [two-actions]

Incapacitation Mental Necromancy Occult Possession 
Source Book of the Dead pg. 40
The polong attempts to possess an adjacent corporeal creature. The creature must attempt a Will save against your class DC or spell DC, whichever is higher. On a failure, the polong merges into the creature's body for 1 minute (24 hours on a critical failure). The polong can observe through the creature's senses but is unable to control the creature. The possessed creature is drained 1 while the possession lasts. While possessing a creature, a polong can ignore the distance and line of effect limitation from its anchored incorporeality ability; when the possession ends, it immediately returns to the bottle if it's beyond range.


Source Book of the Dead pg. 40
Your familiar is undead. It has negative healing and is immune to death effects, disease, poison, and unconscious. It's destroyed at 0 HP.