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The Enmity CycleHazard 6

Legacy Content

Rare Complex Curse Magical Trap 
Source The Enmity Cycle pg. 51
Complexity Complex
Stealth +16 (expert) or detect magic
Description Discordant music, dance, and poetry combine to build a deep suspicion and distrust of strangers.
Disable Performance DC 26 to counteract the performance or Religion or Occultism DC 27 to disrupt the spiritual energy. Three total successes are needed to disable the trap.
Discordant Performance [reaction] (emotion, mental, occult); Trigger Zridi spends an action to activate The Enmity Cycle while in area F2; Effect All creatures other than Zridi in F2 take 2d8+9 mental damage (DC 25 basic Will save). The trap then rolls initiative.
Routine (1 action) The performance continues to sow seeds of enmity, discord, and distrust on those in its area. All creatures in attendance other than Zridi must attempt a DC 25 Will save.
Critical Success The target is unaffected and is immune to the effects for 1 day.
Success The target is frightened 1 for 2 rounds.
Failure The target is frightened 2 for 1 minute and is certain the source of this fear is their fellow citizens, especially those from places other than their hometown. For 1 week the target suffers a –2 penalty to all Diplomacy skill checks against people from other Thuvian cities and regains the frightened 2 condition whenever they are in one of those cities.
Critical Failure As failure, but the target becomes a carrier for The Enmity Cycle for the next week. The target is compelled to travel to a city other than where they were exposed and recite as many lines from the anbarit as they can recall. Those who hear or witness the performance are treated as if they had attended a performance of The Enmity Cycle, but the Will save DC is 23.
Reset A new production of The Enmity Cycle must be arranged; this process usually takes at least 1 week.