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Drink from the Chalice

Magical Manipulate Necromancy Thaumaturge 
Source Dark Archive pg. 37
Frequency once per round
Requirements You are holding your chalice implement.
You drink from the liquid that slowly collects in your chalice or administer it to an adjacent ally. The drinker chooses whether to take a small sip or to drain the contents.
  • Sip A sip grants the drinker an amount of temporary Hit Points equal to 2 + half your level that last until the end of your next turn.
  • Drain (healing, positive) Drinking deep instead heals the drinker 3 Hit Points for each level you have. After the chalice is drained, it's left with only its slowly collecting dregs; the chalice can't be drained again, though it can still be sipped from. If 10 minutes pass without anyone drinking from the chalice, it refills itself and can be drained again. If the drinker has negative healing, it can still heal in this way, and the effect has the negative trait instead of healing and positive.