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PFS StandardCat

Source Core Rulebook pg. 215
Your companion is a big cat, such as a leopard or tiger.
Size Small
Melee Single ActionSingle Action jaws (finesse), Damage 1d6 piercing
Melee Single ActionSingle Action claw (agile, finesse), Damage 1d4 slashing
Str 2, Dex 3, Con 1, Int -4, Wis 2, Cha 0
Hit Points 4
Skill Stealth
Senses low-light vision, scent (imprecise, 30 feet)
Speed 35 feet
Special Your cat deals 1d4 extra precision damage against flat-footed targets.
Support Benefit Your cat throws your enemies off-balance when you create an opening. Until the start of your next turn, your Strikes that deal damage to a creature that your cat threatens make the target flat-footed until the end of your next turn.
Advanced Maneuver Cat Pounce

Cat Pounce Single Action

Source Core Rulebook pg. 215
The cat Strides and then Strikes. If it was undetected at the start of its Cat Pounce, it remains undetected until after the attack.