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PFS StandardSchool of Ars Grammatica

Source Player Core pg. 198
Runes and wards, numbers and letters—they underpin all magic, making them the logical subject for a wizard who studies fundamental forces. Perhaps you studied at the Pathfinder Society's School of Spells or a similar institution, but whether you're lacing your words with magic to compel others, casting wards around your workshop, or destabilizing the very structure of an opponent's spells, you know this unassuming school carries elegant power.

cantrips: message, sigil
1st: command, disguise magic, runic body, runic weapon
2nd: dispel magic, translate
3rd: enthrall, veil of privacyU
4th: dispelling globeU, suggestion
5th: sending, truespeechU
6th: repulsion, spellwrack
7th: contingency, planar sealU
8th: quandary, unrelenting observation
9th: detonate magicU

School Spells
initial: protective wards
advanced: rune of observation