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PFS StandardSchool of Mentalism

Source Player Core pg. 200
As a scholar, you know all too well the importance of a sound mind. Thus, you attended a school—like the Farseer Tower or the Stone of the Seers—that taught the arts of befuddling lesser minds with figments and illusions or implanted sensations and memories.

cantrips: daze, figment
1st: dizzying colors, sleep, sure strike
2nd: illusory creature, stupefy
3rd: dream message, mind readingU
4th: nightmare, vision of death
5th: hallucination, illusory scene
6th: never mind, phantasmal calamity
7th: project image, warp mind
8th: disappearance, uncontrollable dance
9th: phantasmagoria

School Spells
initial: charming push
advanced: invisibility cloak