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Artifact Archetypes

Archetype artifacts are powerful items that grant access to archetype feats linked to the artifact. Once an archetype artifact is invested, it can't be removed or uninvested by normal means. Gaining possession of an archetype artifact and investing it gives you access to its related archetype feats in the same way that taking the dedication feat for a standard archetype allows you to choose its feats whenever you gain a class feat. A character can invest only one archetype artifact at a time. Attempting to invest an additional archetype artifact fails as the first artifact's claim over you outweighs the second's; no benefits are granted, the second artifact is not invested, and you are aware of the failure. If the artifact is destroyed, the bonded character also loses access to any of its granted feats and must immediately retrain all feats granted by the archetype artifact for new feats that they qualify for.

Archetype artifacts are intended to be used in conjunction with the free archetype variant rules originally presented in the Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide. However, some stories might work better without this variant; for instance, if a character wants to play an otherwise-ordinary baker or stable hand who stumbles upon an artifact that becomes their main source of power, rather than an apprentice wizard who bonds to one for greater power. Since players must have possession of the archetype artifact to take its feats, you should ensure that they comes across it before they would gain their first free archetype feat (typically meaning they should acquire the artifact just before they reach 2nd level.) Generally, archetype artifacts should not be given to players unless all the players at the table have access to either their own archetype artifact or another archetype gained via the free archetype variant.

Gelid ShardDedication Feat 2

Source Treasure Vault pg. 184 1.1
The Varki wizard T'aak Chamin once traveled from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings northward, past the Winterwall Glacier and deep into the frozen wastes of the Crown of the World. T'aak was seeking immortality without the risk of undeath, and he followed the hints and clues of ancient legends that spoke of “the frozen immortals,” and of ancient magics of ice crafting that were once commonly traded between these rumored immortals and the Erutaki people, who share ancestral roots with the Varki.

Little is known of T'aak's journeys in the northern wastes, though all accounts that record anything of the wizard and his trek indicate that the man who returned was different in many ways than the man who first traveled north. T'aak spoke of beings known as saumen kar, of a “great whale” sealed beneath the ice, and of strange corruptions. An account left by his wife mentions that T'aak often awoke screaming about “malignant sludge” and a “disease clawing at the ancient gates.” Despite all this, T'aak's primary quest did result in at least one notable accomplishment: the crafting of the first gelid shard.

Gelid shards are arcane focuses of refined magical cold in physical form. Unfortunately for their creator, gelid shards do not grant immortality, though mortal creatures bonded to them do often have slightly longer lifespans thanks to the preserving cold that inundates and surrounds them.

Ursine Avenger HoodDedication Feat 2

Source Treasure Vault pg. 183 1.1
Some items inherit their magic not through an intentional spell or ritual but through generations of use and belief, slowly accumulating power and intent from those around them. The Ursine Avenger Hood is such an item. After defeating a powerful cave bear, the Ulfen hunter Baruk shaped the bear's head and fur into a helm and cape for himself. Baruk later fell in battle against a linnorm, successfully slaying the beast before succumbing to its death curse. His helm, soaked in the blood of man and linnorm and saturated with the magic of the linnorm's curse, was claimed by Baruk's daughter, who often told stories about the helm giving her a bear's strength and ferocity, though it was unclear at the time whether this was a boast.

Over many generations, the magic of the hood was proven true, and more than that, the magic continued to grow and evolve with ever-more-ursine attributes. As the belief and power of each new wearer soaked into the hood, the artifact's potential has continued to grow. Now, those who bond with the generational artifact will discover that the Ursine Avenger Hood continues to grow in power alongside them.