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PFS StandardDiabolic

Source Core Rulebook pg. 196 2.0
Devils are evil with a silver tongue, and one of your ancestors dallied in darkness or made an infernal pact.

Spell List divine
Bloodline Skills Deception, Religion
Granted Spells cantrip: produce flame, 1st: charm, 2nd: flaming sphere, 3rd: enthrall, 4th: suggestion, 5th: crushing despair, 6th: true seeing, 7th: divine decree, 8th: divine aura, 9th: meteor swarm
Bloodline Spells initial: diabolic edict, advanced: embrace the pit, greater: hellfire plume
Blood Magic Hellfire scorches a target or fills your tongue with lies. Either a target takes 1 fire damage per spell level (if the spell already deals initial fire damage, combine this with the spell’s initial damage before determining weaknesses and resistances), or you gain a +1 status bonus to Deception checks for 1 round.