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PFS StandardSoulsight Feat 8

Bard Sorcerer 
Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 113 2.0
Prerequisites [Sorcerer] bloodline that grants divine or occult spells

Your muse has opened your senses to the world beyond. You gain spiritsense as an imprecise sense with a range of 60 feet. Spiritsense enables you to sense the spirits of creatures, including living creatures, most non-mindless undead, and haunts within the listed range. As with your hearing and other imprecise senses, you still need to Seek to locate an undetected creature. As spiritsense detects spiritual essence, not physical bodies, it can detect spirits projected by spells such as project image or possessing otherwise soulless objects. It can't detect soulless bodies, constructs, or objects, and like most senses, it doesn't penetrate through solid objects.

Soulsight Leads To...

Shared Sight