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PFS StandardEsoteric Oath Feat 2

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 118 2.0
Prerequisites tenets of good

You've sworn an oath to slay the alien abominations that lurk in the remote corners of Golarion. Add the following tenet to your champion's code, after the other tenets. “You must slay evil aberrations you encounter as long as you have a reasonable chance of success.”

Your Retributive Strike gains a +4 circumstance bonus to damage against an evil aberration, or +6 if you have master proficiency with the weapon you used. The resistance you gain from Glimpse of Redemption against damage from an evil aberration is 7 + your level. If you use Liberating Step triggered by an evil aberration, your ally gains a +4 circumstance bonus to checks granted by your Liberating Step, and the ally can Step twice afterward.

You don't consider evil aberrations to be legitimate authorities, even in nations they rule.

Esoteric Oath Leads To...

Aura of Preservation



Oaths add an additional tenet to your code. You can usually have only one feat with this trait.