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PFS StandardWalk the Plank [two-actions] Feat 8

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 185 2.0
Archetype Pirate
Prerequisites Pirate Dedication

You frighten a foe into moving where you want them, traditionally demanding they walk the plank. Attempt to Demoralize an opponent; this check gains the incapacitation trait. On a success, in addition to the normal effects, you can also force the target to Stride up to its Speed. You choose the path the target takes, and it does so as part of your Walk the Plank action. You can't force the target to move into a harmful space (one where it will take damage, fall, provoke reactions, or similar) unless the result of your check to Demoralize was a critical success. The target then becomes temporarily immune to Walk the Plank for 24 hours.



This feat belongs to an archetype.