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PFS StandardSafe House Feat 4

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 196 2.0
PFS Note A vigilante's Safe House, can be located in any city or near any lodge they have received a Pathfinder briefing. A vigilante can use their downtime to relocate their safe house. A vigilante can use their safe house only if it is in the town or location where their current adventure is taking place.
Archetype Vigilante
Prerequisites Vigilante Dedication

You establish a safe house—a secure space in which to hide your secrets from the outside world. This safe house is roughly the size of a 10-foot cube. It's in a location you have access to, and it can be part of a larger building or structure, like a hidden room or an underground cave. The safe house protects objects and people inside it from magical detection. This has the effects of nondetection, using your Deception modifier for the counteract DC and half your level rounded up for the counteract level. Setting up or moving your safe house takes a week of downtime. The size of the safe house expands to four 10-foot cubes if you're an expert in Deception, eight cubes if you're a master, and 16 cubes if you're legendary.



This feat belongs to an archetype.