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PFS StandardEmblazon Armament Feat 2

Cleric Exploration 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 122 4.0

Carefully etching a sacred image into a physical object, you steel yourself for battle. You can spend 10 minutes emblazoning a symbol of your deity upon a weapon or shield. The symbol doesn’t fade until 1 year has passed, but if you Emblazon an Armament, any symbol you previously emblazoned and any symbol already emblazoned on that item instantly disappears. The item becomes a religious symbol of your deity and can be used as a divine focus while emblazoned, and it gains another benefit determined by the type of item. This benefit applies only to followers of the deity the symbol represents.
  • Shield The shield gains a +1 status bonus to its Hardness. (This causes it to reduce more damage with the Shield Block reaction.)
  • Weapon The wielder gains a +1 status bonus to damage rolls.

Emblazon Armament Leads To...

Emblazon Antimagic, Emblazon Divinity, Emblazon Energy



An activity with this trait takes more than a turn to use, and can usually be used only during exploration mode.