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PFS StandardWeb Weaver Feat 1

Source The Mwangi Expanse pg. 103 2.0

You can produce a soft silk to weave into useful items. You gain the Specialty Crafting feat with a specialty in weaving. You can use your webbing to Craft simple, nonconsumable threaded items, such as clothing and rope, at zero cost as long as their base Price is 1 sp or less. These items have no resale value, and they naturally degrade after 24 hours without regular (if minor) maintenance. You can maintain up to 10 such items at a time; if you create a new one, your oldest creation breaks down from neglect. These temporary items take you only 1 day to Craft instead of 4. If you're an expert in Crafting, you can Craft these items in 1 hour; if you're a master, you can Craft them in 10 minutes; if you're legendary, you can Craft them in 1 minute.



Anadis are peaceful, reclusive humanoids who live deep within woodlands, jungles, and other untamed areas of wilderness. Their natural forms resemble humanoid spiders covered in beautiful and distinctive markings of varying colors.