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PFS StandardStriker's Scroll Feat 4

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 45
Prerequisites Spellstrike

You can attach a scroll to your weapon or handwraps of mighty blows to blend its spell into an attack, carefully folding it around a part of the weapon or sealing it to the weapon's surface. Attaching a scroll requires using the Affix a Talisman action. You can have only one scroll affixed to a weapon at a time, and you can't have both a talisman and scroll attached.

You can Cast the Spell from the scroll as part of a Spellstrike, assuming the spell is one you could normally use with Spellstrike. You can't Cast the Spell in any other way while it's affixed, though you can use Affix a Talisman again to remove the scroll and use it as a normal—if a bit crumpled—scroll.