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PFS StandardSteed Form Feat 2

Evolution Summoner 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 68 1.1

Your eidolon changes to make it particularly effective as your mount. While you ride it, you get your full number of actions each round instead of reducing them to 2. This applies only when you ride your eidolon, not when anyone else does. Your eidolon still must be at least one size category larger than you to ride it. Since you work together to move, your eidolon's move actions while you're mounted gain the tandem trait.



Feats with this trait affect your eidolon instead of you, typically by granting it additional physical capabilities.

Riding Sapient Creatures

Riding along on a sapient creature that isn't a minion requires a lot of coordination and timing. Both the riding creature and the mount regain only 2 actions at the start of their turns each round, as both the mount and the riding creature interfere with one another's actions. If you ride your eidolon, you reduce your total actions to 2 and continue to share actions normally—you don't reduce the number of actions twice.