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PFS StandardAerial Piledriver [two-actions] Feat 10

Archetype Attack 
Source Grand Bazaar pg. 127
Archetype Wrestler
Prerequisites Wrestler Dedication
Requirements You have a creature grabbed or restrained.

Heaving both yourself and your opponent into the air, you bring them crashing to the ground. Make an unarmed melee Strike against the creature you have grabbed or restrained. This Strike deals 1d6 additional damage per weapon damage die, and it has the following additional effects on a success, failure, and critical failure.

Success The target lands prone.
Failure You lose your grip on the target, and it is no longer grabbed or restrained by you.
Critical Failure You lose both your grip on the target and your balance. You fall prone, and the target is no longer grabbed or restrained by you.



This feat belongs to an archetype.


An ability with this trait involves an attack. For each attack you make beyond the first on your turn, you take a multiple attack penalty.