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PFS StandardTwin Weakness [two-actions] Feat 10

Esoterica Thaumaturge 
Source Dark Archive pg. 45
Prerequisites mortal weakness or personal antithesis
Requirements You're holding an implement and a weapon, you are using Exploit Vulnerability with mortal weakness or personal antithesis, and the target creature is within reach of both your implement and weapon.

As you make an attack augmented by your esoterica, you also press your implement against the creature, applying its weakness as your implement's energies sear the creature's flesh. Make a melee Strike against the target of your Exploit Vulnerability. On any attack roll result but a critical failure, you also press your implement against the creature, automatically dealing the additional damage from Exploit Vulnerability. This is in addition to any damage from your Strike, including the weakness the Strike applies from Exploit Vulnerability. This counts as two attacks when calculating your multiple attack penalty.



The esoterica trait is present in many thaumaturge feats and class features that incorporate the various talismans, supernatural trinkets, and other objects you carry with you. Abilities that have the esoterica trait require you to be in possession of your esoterica to use them. Normally, you're assumed to always have your esoterica with you, but in some rare circumstances, you might either not have them on hand or have your gear stripped from you.