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PFS StandardMirror Shield ReactionFeat 10

Source Core Rulebook pg. 151 2.0
Archetype Bastion*
Requirements You have a shield raised.
Trigger An opponent casting a spell that targets you critically fails a spell attack roll against your AC.
* This archetype offers Mirror Shield at a different level than displayed here.

You reflect the spell back against the triggering opponent. Make a ranged attack against the triggering creature using your highest proficiency with a ranged weapon. If you can cast spells, you can make a spell attack roll instead. If you succeed, your opponent takes the effects of a successful spell attack roll for their own spell (or the effects of a critical success if your attack roll was a critical success).

Archetype Use

This feat can be used for one or more Archetypes in addition to the listed Classes. When selected this way, the feat is not considered to have its class traits.

Mirror Shield Leads To...

Reflecting Riposte