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PFS RestrictedBasic Red Mantis Magic Feat 4

Source World Guide pg. 71 2.0
Archetype Red Mantis Assassin
Prerequisites Red Mantis Assassin Dedication; trained in Religion

You have learned limited divine magic from your Red Mantis training. You gain the Cast a Spell activity. You’re a prepared spellcaster, able to prepare two cantrips and one 1st-level spell each day. You prepare these spells from a Red Mantis assassin spellbook, similar to a wizard’s, containing three cantrips and two 1st-level spells. All the spells in your Red Mantis assassin spellbook, from this and later feats, must be either transmutation or illusion spells from the arcane spell list or a spell from the following list: clairaudience, clairvoyance, darkness, dimension door, modify memory, obscuring mist, paralyze, see invisibility, true strike. Regardless of their usual magical tradition, your Red Mantis assassin spells are divine spells, as are any Red Mantis focus spells you gain.

You can prepare two cantrips and one 1st-level spell each day from those found in your Red Mantis assassin spellbook. You’re trained in spell attack rolls and spell DCs for casting divine spells. Your key spellcasting ability for these spells is Charisma.

Basic Red Mantis Magic Leads To...

Achaekek's Grip, Advanced Red Mantis Magic, Mantis Form



This feat belongs to an archetype.