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Cleric Feats

Every level at which you gain a Cleric feat, select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before taking the feat.

PFS StandardDeadly Simplicity1Clericdeity with a simple or unarmed attack favored weapon, trained with your deity's favored weaponYour deity’s weapon is especially powerful in your hands.
PFS StandardDomain Initiate1ClericYour deity bestows a special spell related to their powers.
False Faith1Clericworshipper of DroskarDroskar knows you may need to disguise yourself in societies that oppose your faith.Age of Ashes
PFS StandardHarming Hands1Clericharmful fontThe mordant power of your negative energy grows.
PFS StandardHealing Hands1Clerichealing fontYour positive energy is even more vibrant and restorative.
PFS StandardHoly Castigation1Clericgood alignmentYou combine holy energy with positive energy to damage demons, devils, and their evil ilk.
PFS StandardPremonition of Avoidance1ClericYour deity grants you limited foresight, warning you of dangers an instant before they occur.
PFS StandardReach Spell1Cleric, Bard, Concentrate, Druid, Metamagic, Oracle, Sorcerer, Witch, WizardYou can extend your spells’ range.
PFS RestrictedSplinter Faith1Cleric, ChampionYour faith in your deity is represented in an extremely unusual way that some might call heretical
PFS StandardSyncretism1Clericyou follow a deityYou have come to see the overlap between two deities’ teachings
PFS StandardVile Desecration1Clericevil alignmentYou combine unholy might with negative energy to damage angels, archons, and other self-righteous denizens of the Outer Planes.
PFS StandardCantrip Expansion2Cleric, Bard, Oracle, Sorcerer, Witch, WizardStudy broadens your range of simple spells.
PFS StandardCommunal Healing2Cleric, Healing, PositiveYou’re a conduit for positive energy, and as you channel it through you, it heals some of your minor injuries.
PFS StandardEmblazon Armament2Cleric, ExplorationCarefully etching a sacred image into a physical object, you steel yourself for battle.
PFS StandardRapid Response2ClericYou work quickly and efficiently in times of danger to deliver needed assistance.
PFS StandardSap Life2Cleric, HealingYou draw the life force out of your enemies to heal your own wounds.
PFS StandardTurn Undead2ClericUndead harmed by your positive energy might flee, compelled by an innate aversion to the force opposite undeath.
PFS StandardVersatile Font2Clericharmful font or healing font; deity that allows clerics to have both fontsAs you explore your deity’s aspects, you move beyond restrictions on healing or harming.
PFS StandardChannel Smite4Cleric, Divine, Necromancyharmful font or healing fontYou siphon the destructive energies of positive or negative energy through a melee attack and into your foe.
PFS StandardCommand Undead4Cleric, Concentrate, Metamagicharmful font; evil alignmentYou grasp the animating force within an undead creature and bend it to your will.
PFS StandardDirected Channel4ClericYou can shape the energy you channel in a single direction, reaching farther and in a more directed fashion.
PFS StandardExpanded Domain Initiate4ClericDomain InitiateYou have long venerated one of your deity’s lesser-known aspects
PFS StandardImproved Communal Healing4ClericCommunal HealingYou can direct excess channeled energy outward to benefit an ally.
PFS StandardNecrotic Infusion4Cleric, Concentrate, Metamagicharmful font; evil alignmentYou pour negative energy into your undead subject to empower its attacks.
PFS StandardRadiant Infusion4Cleric, Concentrate, Metamagicgood alignment; healing fontYou pour invigorating positive energy into a living ally.
PFS StandardCast Down6Cleric, Concentrate, Metamagicharmful font or healing fontThe sheer force of your faith can bring a foe crashing down.
PFS StandardDivine Weapon6ClericYou siphon residual spell energy into a weapon you’re wielding.
PFS StandardMagic Hands6ClericHealing HandsThe blessing of your deity heightens your healing ability, making your mundane healing work as if by magic.
PFS StandardSelective Energy6ClericAs you call down divine power, you can prevent some enemies from benefiting or some allies from being hurt.
PFS StandardSteady Spellcasting6Cleric, Bard, Druid, Oracle, Sorcerer, Witch, WizardYou don’t lose spells easily.
PFS StandardAdvanced Domain8ClericDomain InitiateYour studies or prayers have unlocked deeper secrets of your deity’s domain.
PFS StandardAlign Armament8Cleric, Divine, Evocationchaotic, evil, good, or lawful deityYou bring a weapon into metaphysical concordance with your deity’s beliefs.
PFS StandardChanneled Succor8Clerichealing fontYou can remove conditions with divine grace.
PFS StandardCremate Undead8ClericYour positive energy sets undead alight.
PFS StandardEmblazon Energy8ClericEmblazon ArmamentWith elemental forces, you make your emblazoned symbols more potent.
PFS StandardMartyr8Cleric, Metamagicdivine fontYou go to extreme lengths to support your allies, even when it means bringing harm to yourself.
PFS StandardSurging Focus8ClericWhen an ally you can see falls in battle, your fight or flight response triggers a surge in your deity's might within you.
PFS StandardCastigating Weapon10ClericHoly CastigationThe force of your deity’s castigation strengthens your body so you can strike down the wicked.
PFS StandardHeroic Recovery10Cleric, Concentrate, Metamagichealing font; good alignmentThe restorative power of your healing invigorates the recipient.
PFS StandardImproved Command Undead10Clericharmful font; Command Undead; evil alignmentUndead creatures find it all but impossible to resist your commands.
PFS StandardReplenishment of War10Clericexpert in your deity’s favored weaponStriking out against your enemies draws praise and protection from your deity.
PFS StandardShared Avoidance10ClericPremonition of AvoidanceYou can project your premonitions of danger to your allies.
PFS StandardShield of Faith10ClericDomain InitiateResidual energy from your domain spells bolsters your defenses.
PFS StandardThrough Spell10Cleric, Concentrate, MetamagicSpells you cast can transform briefly into vital essence, traveling harmlessly through living and undead creatures between you and your target, blocked only by solid objects.
PFS StandardDefensive Recovery12Cleric, Concentrate, Metamagicharmful font or healing fontYour faith provides temporary protection in addition to healing.
PFS StandardDomain Focus12Clericone or more domain spellsYour devotion to your deity’s domains grows greater, and so does the power granted to you.
PFS StandardEmblazon Antimagic12ClericEmblazon ArmamentYour deity’s symbol protects against offensive magic.
PFS StandardShared Replenishment12ClericReplenishment of WarWhen your deity blesses your warlike acts, you can extend that favor to your allies.
PFS StandardDeity's Protection14ClericAdvanced DomainWhen you call upon your deity’s power to fulfill the promise of their domain, you gain divine protection.
PFS StandardEbb and Flow14Cleric, Concentrate, MetamagicVersatile FontYou can pull forth both positive and negative energy simultaneously to harm your enemies and heal your allies.
PFS StandardExtend Armament Alignment14ClericAlign ArmamentThe alignment you impose on a weapon lasts much longer.
PFS StandardFast Channel14Clericharmful font or healing fontDivine power is always at your fingertips, swiftly responding to your call.
PFS StandardPremonition of Clarity14Cleric, FortuneYour deity sends you a vision of faith to steel you against mental attacks.
PFS StandardSwift Banishment14ClericThe force of your blow sends your victim back to its home plane.
PFS StandardEternal Bane16Clericevil alignmentA life of evil has made you a nexus for your deity’s vile power.
PFS StandardEternal Blessing16Clericgood alignmentYour good deeds have brought your deity’s grace to you for all of eternity.
PFS StandardRemediate16Cleric, Concentrate, Metamagicharmful font or healing fontIf your next action is to use your divine font to cast a 3-action heal or harm spell to damage creatures, you can harness the residual energy to counterbalance opposing forces.
PFS StandardResurrectionist16ClericYou can cause a creature you bring back from the brink of death to thrive and continue healing.
PFS StandardDomain Wellspring18ClericDomain FocusThe intensity of your focus grows from the investment you’ve placed in your domains.
PFS StandardEchoing Channel18Cleric, Concentrate, MetamagicWhen you pull forth positive or negative energy, you also create a smaller pocket of that energy.
PFS StandardImproved Swift Banishment18ClericSwift BanishmentYou easily banish creatures with your weapon.
PFS StandardMiraculous Possibility18ClericYour deity empowers you to perform minor miracles, allowing you to readily adapt to the fluctuating needs of your duties.
PFS StandardShared Clarity18ClericPremonition of ClarityYou can project your premonitions of clarity to your allies.
PFS StandardAvatar's Audience20ClericYour extensive service has made you a lesser herald of your deity, which affords you certain privileges.
PFS LimitedDenier of Destruction20Cleric, Uncommonhealing fontYou can manipulate the same energies that the aeon orbs use to sustain life.Extinction Curse
PFS LimitedEmblazon Divinity20Cleric, UncommonEmblazon ArmamentEmblazon more equipment at the same time.Age of Ashes
PFS StandardMaker of Miracles20Clericmiraculous spellYou are a conduit for truly deific power.
PFS StandardMetamagic Channel20Cleric, ConcentrateDeep understanding of divine revelations into the nature of vital essence allows you to freely manipulate the effects of your positive or negative energy.