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Elf Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As an Elf, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardAncestral Linguistics1Elfat least 100 years oldOver your extensive lifespan, you've studied many languages.
PFS StandardAncestral Longevity1Elfat least 100 years oldYou have accumulated a vast array of lived knowledge over the years.
PFS StandardElemental Wrath1ElfYou are so attuned to the land that you can call forth a bolt of energy from your surroundings.
PFS StandardElven Aloofness1ElfAs much as you might care for them, you've come to terms with the ephemeral nature of non-elves, and it makes their threats feel less troublesome.
PFS StandardElven Lore1ElfYou’ve studied in traditional elven arts, learning about arcane magic and the world around you.
PFS StandardElven Verve1ElfWhile all elves are immune to the paralyzing touch of ghouls, you can shake off flesh-numbing magic of all kinds.
PFS StandardElven Weapon Familiarity1ElfYou favor bows and other elegant weapons.
PFS StandardForlorn1ElfWatching your friends age and die fills you with moroseness that protects you against harmful emotions.
PFS StandardKnow Your Own1ElfYou've spent countless hours studying the history of elves on your world and beyond and are a studied expert in your people's ways.
PFS StandardNimble Elf1ElfYour muscles are tightly honed.
PFS StandardOtherworldly Magic1ElfYour elven magic manifests as a simple arcane spell, even if you aren’t formally trained in magic.
PFS StandardShare Thoughts1ElfMualijae ethnicity, Ilverani ethnicity, or Vourinoi ethnicityYou have an uncanny knack of communicating with other elves without speaking, though this habit that is often uncomfortable to observers.
PFS StandardUnwavering Mien1ElfYour mystic control and meditations allow you to resist external influences upon your consciousness.
PFS StandardWildborn Magic1Elf, UncommonYou have learned to access the old magic of wild places.
PFS StandardWoodcraft1ElfYou have a innate familiarity with forested areas.
PFS StandardAgeless Patience5ElfYou work at a pace born from longevity that enhances your thoroughness.
PFS StandardAncestral Suspicion5ElfLong-lived elves have seen civilizations rise and fall, often at the hands of outside forces.
PFS StandardDefiance Unto Death5Elf, UncommonYou loathe the alghollthus and their mind magic, and you’ve been trained to be willing to die rather than give into mental manipulation.
PFS StandardElven Instincts5ElfYour senses let you react rapidly.
PFS StandardElven Weapon Elegance5ElfElven Weapon FamiliarityYou are attuned to the weapons of your elven ancestors and are particularly deadly when using them.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Elf, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardForest Stealth5Elfexpert in StealthYou are skilled at quickly hiding behind bits of underbrush or foliage.
PFS StandardMartial Experience5ElfYou've crossed blades with a wide variety of foes wielding a wide variety of weapons, and you've learned the basics of fighting with nearly any of them.
PFS StandardWildborn Adept5ElfWildborn MagicThe whispers of the jungle grant you more diverse access to simple primal magic.
PFS StandardBrightness Seeker9ElfOnce per day, you can spend 10 minutes studying your surroundings in search of omens related to a particular course of action to cast augury as an innate divine spell.
PFS StandardElf Step9ElfYou move in a graceful dance, and even your steps are broad.
PFS StandardExpert Longevity9ElfAncestral LongevityYou’ve continued to refine the knowledge and skills you’ve gained through your life.
PFS StandardOtherworldly Acumen9Elfat least one innate spell gained from an elf ancestry featThe arcane magic you possess grows in power and complexity.
PFS StandardSense Thoughts9Elf, UncommonShare ThoughtsYou have an even stranger knack for knowing what other people are thinking.
PFS StandardTree Climber (Elf)9ElfYou've spent much of your life among the treetops and have become an expert at quickly and safely climbing them.
PFS StandardAvenge Ally13Elf, FortuneThough you know that you will eventually outlive your companions, seeing them at death's door brings clarity to your attacks.
PFS StandardElven Weapon Expertise13ElfElven Weapon FamiliarityYour elven affinity blends with your class training, granting you great skill with elven weapons.
PFS StandardUniversal Longevity13ElfExpert LongevityYou’ve perfected your ability to keep up with all the skills you’ve learned over your long life.
PFS StandardWandering Heart13ElfArctic Elf, Cavern Elf, Desert Elf, Woodland Elf, or any other elf heritage based on adapting to an environmentWhile all elves adapt to their environments over time, you have traveled so widely and become attuned to so many environs that your body now changes more rapidly than other elves.
PFS StandardMagic Rider17ElfYour people used powerful magic to travel between distant worlds, and the remnants of that magic make such transportation easier for you.