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Goblin Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As a Goblin, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardBouncy Goblin1GoblinUnbreakable Goblin heritageYou have a particular elasticity that makes it easy for you to bounce and squish.
PFS StandardBurn It!1GoblinFire fascinates you.
PFS StandardCity Scavenger1GoblinYou know that the greatest treasures often look like refuse, and you scoff at those who throw away perfectly good scraps.
PFS StandardExtra Squishy1GoblinUnbreakable Goblin heritageYour rubbery physique makes it easier for you to wedge yourself into tight spaces and more difficult for your enemies to dislodge you.
PFS StandardFang Sharpener1GoblinIrongut Goblin heritage or Razortooth Goblin heritageYou have filed your teeth into jagged points and have an unusually powerful jaw, making your mouth a dangerous weapon.
PFS StandardGoblin Lore1GoblinYou’ve picked up skills and tales from your goblin community.
PFS StandardGoblin Scuttle1GoblinYou take advantage of your ally’s movement to adjust your position.
PFS StandardGoblin Song1GoblinYou sing annoying goblin songs, distracting your foes with silly and repetitive lyrics.
PFS StandardGoblin Weapon Familiarity1GoblinOthers might look upon them with disdain, but you know that the weapons of your people are as effective as they are sharp.
PFS StandardHard Tail1GoblinTailed Goblin heritageYour tail is much stronger than most, and you can lash out with it with the strength of a whip.
PFS StandardJunk Tinker1GoblinYou can make useful tools out of even twisted or rusted scraps.
PFS StandardRough Rider1GoblinYou are especially good at riding traditional goblin mounts.
PFS StandardTwitchy1GoblinYou are naturally suspicious and wary of danger, especially when you suspect someone might be leading you into an ambush.
PFS StandardVery Sneaky1GoblinTaller folk rarely pay attention to the shadows at their feet, and you take full advantage of this.
PFS StandardAnkle Bite5GoblinFang Sharpener or Razortooth Goblin heritageWhenever someone grabs onto you, you instinctively bite down hard.
PFS RestrictedChosen of Lamashtu5Goblinworshipper of LamashtuYou bear the favor and blessings of Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Goblin, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardGoblin Weapon Frenzy5GoblinGoblin Weapon FamiliarityYou know how to wield your people’s vicious weapons.
PFS StandardKneecap5GoblinYou deliver a punishing blow to an enemy's knee, shin, or other vulnerable anatomy within your reach.
PFS StandardLoud Singer5GoblinGoblin SongStaying on pitch, proper breath control, and remembering the words are all less important than the real measure of a good singer: volume! The range of your Goblin Song is increased to 60 feet, and you can target one additional enemy when you use it.
PFS StandardTail Spin5GoblinTailed Goblin heritage; Hard TailYou excel at using your tail as a weapon to upend your foes.
PFS StandardTorch Goblin5GoblinCharhide Goblin heritageYou’ve spent enough time on fire that you know how to use it to your advantage.
PFS StandardTree Climber (Goblin)5GoblinTailed Goblin heritage or Treedweller Goblin heritageYour time in forest or jungle canopies has taught you how to scramble across branches with sure feet.
PFS StandardVandal5GoblinYou have a knack for breaking and dismantling things.
PFS StandardCave Climber9GoblinAfter years of crawling and climbing through caverns, you can climb easily anywhere you go.
PFS StandardCling9GoblinYou hang onto a foe to harry them into submission.
PFS StandardFreeze It!9GoblinSnow Goblin heritageYou are no rime hag or Jadwiga, but the magic of the north has still left a mark on you.
PFS StandardHungry Goblin9GoblinFang SharpenerYou’ll eat anything and anyone.
PFS StandardRoll with It9GoblinUnbreakable Goblin heritage; Bouncy GoblinWhen you take a big hit, your foe bounces you around like a rubber ball, but you escape the worst of the blow.
PFS StandardScalding Spit9GoblinTorch GoblinYour bodily fluids burn with surprising volatility, as if you ran on oil instead of blood.
PFS StandardSkittering Scuttle9GoblinGoblin ScuttleYou can scuttle farther and faster when maneuvering alongside allies.
PFS StandardGoblin Weapon Expertise13GoblinGoblin Weapon FamiliarityYour goblin affinity blends with your class training, granting you great skill with goblin weapons.
PFS StandardUnbreakable-er Goblin13GoblinUnbreakable Goblin heritageAs hard as most unbreakable goblins are to break, you are that much harder to break.
PFS StandardVery, Very Sneaky13GoblinVery SneakyYour ability to hide is so great, you can disappear straight from vision.
PFS StandardReckless Abandon (Goblin)17Goblin, FortuneDespite a lifetime filled with questionable decisions, you've managed to survive, as though you have uncanny luck that lets you avoid the consequences of your own actions.