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Human Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As a Human, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardAdapted Cantrip1Humanspellcasting class featureThrough study of multiple magical traditions, you’ve altered a spell to suit your spellcasting style.
PFS StandardArcane Tattoos1Human, UncommonYou have tattoos on your body corresponding to one of the ancient Thassilonian schools of magic.
PFS StandardCooperative Nature1HumanThe short human life span lends perspective and has taught you from a young age to set aside differences and work with others to achieve greatness.
PFS StandardCourteous Comeback1Human, Fortune, UncommonYou grew up in the proud Padishah Empire, where even insults have a certain poetic wit.
PFS StandardDevil's Advocate1Human, UncommonYou know more about the habits of devils than is entirely safe.
PFS StandardDragon Spit1HumanTian-Dan ethnicityMany Tian-Dan claim to have dragon blood in their veins, and in your case, this is true—you can spit energy, and you might have an especially visible sign of your draconic heritage.
PFS StandardGeneral Training1HumanYour adaptability manifests in your mastery of a range of useful abilities.
PFS StandardGloomseer1HumanNidalese ethnicityGloom holds few terrors for you, and the pall of darkness over Nidal has made you comfortable in dim light.
PFS StandardHaughty Obstinacy1HumanYour powerful ego makes it harder for others to order you around.
PFS StandardKeep Up Appearances1Human, UncommonTaldan pride means you never show weakness.
PFS StandardKnow Oneself1Human, Fortune, UncommonYou center yourself and call to mind the Vudrani monastic ideals of mindfulness and self-knowledge.
PFS StandardNatural Ambition1HumanYou were raised to be ambitious and always reach for the stars, leading you to progress quickly in your chosen field.
PFS StandardNatural Skill1HumanYour ingenuity allows you to learn a wide variety of skills.
PFS StandardQuah Bond1Human, UncommonYou grew up among the Shoanti tribes, with the spirits watching over you, and they offer you guidance.
PFS StandardSaoc Astrology1Human, Concentrate, UncommonThe ancient Saoc Brethren were the masters of astrology, and while your knowledge may be but a pale shadow of their wisdom, it still comes in handy.
PFS StandardTupilaq Carver1Human, UncommonYou have a spellcasting class feature with the divine or primal traditionYou know the truth behind old stories that tell of sending a fetish of bone and sinew to seek vengeance.
PFS StandardUnconventional Weaponry1HumanYou’ve familiarized yourself with a particular weapon, potentially from another ancestry or culture.
PFS StandardViking Shieldbearer1Human, UncommonYou trained with shields and weapons as soon as you were old enough to hold them, eager to win honor and glory for yourself.
PFS StandardWitch Warden1Human, UncommonYou and your family have fought long and hard against witches, particularly the winter witches of Irrisen, and you’ve learned to be wary of their curses and the otherworldly powers their patrons grant.
PFS StandardAdaptive Adept5HumanAdapted Cantrip; can cast 3rd-level spellsYou’ve continued adapting your magic to blend your class’s tradition with your adapted tradition.
PFS StandardClever Improviser5HumanYou’ve learned how to handle situations when you’re out of your depth.
PFS StandardDarkseer5HumanGloomseerZon-Kuthon smiles upon you—even if you curse his name—granting you pitch-black eyes that allow you to see in shadows and darkness.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Human, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardOrnate Tattoo5HumanArcane TattoosYou expand your tattoos to encompass greater magic.
PFS StandardSense Allies5HumanLike many humans raised in a close-knit community, you have always been strongly attuned to the presence of others.
PFS StandardWavetouched Paragon5HumanBonuwat ethnicityYou have been blessed by the sea, granting you the ability to swim like a fish.
PFS StandardCooperative Soul9HumanCooperative NatureYou have developed a soul-deep bond with your comrades and maintain an even greater degree of cooperation with them.
PFS StandardDragon Prince9HumanDragon SpitThe blood of the Dragon Kings runs strong in your veins.
PFS StandardGroup Aid9HumanYour upbringing emphasized teamwork and helping your allies comes naturally to you.
PFS StandardHardy Traveler9HumanThere's no journey too far or burden too heavy when your friends are at your side.
PFS StandardHeir of the Saoc9HumanSaoc AstrologyIn the past, you would have been a proud initiate of the Saoc Brethren.
PFS StandardIncredible Improvisation9HumanClever ImproviserA stroke of brilliance gives you a major advantage with a skill despite your inexperience.
PFS StandardMultitalented9HumanYou’ve learned to split your focus between multiple classes with ease.
PFS StandardShory Aeromancer9HumanGarundi ethnicity, Mauxi ethnicity, or Tian-Yae ethnicityYour ancestors hailed from the flying cities of the Shory, and a few simple tricks have come down through the ages to you.
PFS StandardVirtue-Forged Tattoos9HumanOrnate TattooYour tattoos are a work of eldritch genius, a masterpiece of art, magic, and skin.
PFS StandardAdvanced General Training13HumanOver the course of adventuring, your adaptability has let you pick up numerous useful abilities.
PFS StandardBounce Back13HumanYou recover from near-death experiences with astounding resilience.
PFS StandardIrriseni Ice-Witch13HumanJadwiga ethnicity; Wintertouched Human heritageYou can trace your direct descent from one of the Queens of Irrisen and thus from Baba Yaga herself.
PFS StandardShadow Pact13HumanNidalese ethnicityThousands of years ago, your ancestors made a pact with Zon-Kuthon.
PFS StandardShory Aerialist13HumanGarundi ethnicity, Mauxi ethnicity, or Tian-Yae ethnicity; Shory Aeromancer or ability to cast flyUnique in Golarion’s history, the Shory people developed fighting styles dedicated to combat in the air.
PFS StandardStubborn Persistence13HumanHumans are renowned for their ability to persist through the most grueling of trials.
PFS StandardUnconventional Expertise13HumanUnconventional Weaponry; trained in the weapon you chose for Unconventional WeaponryYou’ve continued to advance your powers using your unconventional weapon.
PFS StandardHeroic Presence17Human, Emotion, MentalThe blood of heroes courses through your veins, and you inspire your allies to dig deep and find a new level of resolve.