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Hampering WebHazard 1

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 77
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 18 (expert)
Description Semitransparent sheets of webbing span the entryway, ready to capture small insects or hamper larger creatures that pass through.
Disable DC 17 Survival (trained) to dislodge it
AC 19, Fort +10, Ref +11
HP 26 (BT 13); Immunities critical hits, object immunities, precision damage
Ensnare ReactionReaction Trigger A creature that isn’t a spider walks into the web; Effect The web wraps around the triggering creature’s body, clinging to their limbs. The triggering creature must succeed at a DC 20 Reflex save or take a –10-foot circumstance penalty to all their Speeds until they Escape the web (DC 20). On a critical failure, the webbing also clings to the creature’s face, making them sickened 1, and they can’t attempt to reduce this condition until they Escape the web.