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Chapter 4: Variant Rules / Magic Item Variants / High-Quality

High-Quality Weapons and Armor

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 197
High-quality weapons and armor give the same benefits as weapon and armor potency runes (Tables 4–12 and 4–13). To remove magic from weapons and armor, you can use the devastating attacks and saving throw potency entries from the automatic bonus progression variant, or you can have quality also provide the effects of striking and resilient runes, using Table 4–14 and Table 4–15. If you choose to still have magic weapons and armor, the effects don’t stack with quality.

Table 4-12: High-Quality Weapons

QualityItem BonusProperty Rune SlotsItem LevelPrice
Expert+11235 gp
Master+2210935 gp
Legendary+33168,935 gp

Table 4-13: High-Quality Armor

QualityBonus IncreaseProperty Rune SlotsItem LevelPrice
Expert+115160 gp
Master+22111,060 gp
Legendary+331820,560 gp

Table 4-14: Devastating Weapons

QualityItem BonusDamage DiceProperty Rune SlotsItem LevelPrice
Expert+111235 gp
Expert devastating+1214100 gp
Master+222101,000 gp
Master devastating+232122,000 gp
Legendary+3331610,000 gp
Legendary devastating+3431940,000 gp

Table 4-15: Resilient Armor

QualityBonus IncreaseSave BonusProperty Rune SlotsItem LevelPrice
Expert+115160 gp
Expert resilient+1+118500 gp
Master+2+12111,400 gp
Master resilient+2+22144,500 gp
Legendary+3+231824,000 gp
Legendary resilient+3+332070,000 gp