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Chapter 5: Spells / Your Spellcasting Style

Casting Your Spells

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 211
For one spellcaster, casting a spell is a stressful, painful process. For another, it's a moment of triumph as they outsmart their enemy with just the right trick.

The Spell Components sidebar describes how spell components might impact the way you cast spells. Think about what they might mean for you. Do your verbal components use your own voice? Resonate out with a different timbre due to the magic in your words? Resemble the voice of your deity? For somatic components, what gestures do you make? They could be abstract, like forming quick sigils that look like hand signals. Or maybe they're direct: pointing your finger or raising a fist. The particulars of material components are abstracted, so you can customize those you like best for your spells.