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Chapter 6: Items

Crafting and Treasure

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 247
The second portion of this chapter consists of a catalog of new alchemical items, snares, and both consumable and permanent magic items, including runes.

Alchemical Items

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 247
Alchemical items are consumable, non-magical items that rely on the properties of volatile alchemical reagents to produce their effects. Rules for alchemical items, including the rules for bombs, elixirs, and poisons, are located here.


Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 247
Snares are small, simple traps to damage or hamper your foes that you can create and deploy quickly enough to utilize on a battlefield. Snares are nonmagical consumable items. The full rules for creating and using snares are located here.

Magic Items

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 247
The remainder of this chapter contains the descriptions of dozens of new magic items. These items are divided into two subcategories for ease of reference: consumable magic items, including ammunition, oils, potions, and talismans. Permanent items consist of armor, held items, runes, shields, staves, wands, weapons, and worn items. Items are organized alphabetically within each section. Rules for activating and investing items, for sustaining and dismissing activations, and for reading an item's stat block are located here.