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Choosing Expansions

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 5
The Pathfinder Core Rulebook and Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide include rules useful to the vast majority of games. Parts of Secrets of Magic aren't meant for every table. Chapter 5 in particular, with its new forms of magic, is more appropriate for certain games and circumstances than others. Some of that chapter's entries have rarities above common to more clearly indicate this. If you're running a game or want to use options like these for your character, think in advance about what their inclusion means for your game. You might even want to have a discussion about the implications with the rest of your group.

That said, Chapters 2, 3, and 4 are more broadly useful. Even if you don't want to have elementalists as a specific type of caster in your game, the elemental spells in Chapter 3 could still be useful for any caster of the appropriate tradition. The classes in this book are common, as are the vast majority of spells and magic items.

The pieces of this book are meant to play well together. Exploring the spells and items can open up more options for the new rules in the Book of Unlimited Magic, and the new classes will find spells that work well with their abilities. Pick and choose your favorites, and above all, experiment!