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Guns Equipment / Fantasy Firearms

Rare and Unique Firearms

Source Guns & Gears pg. 160
While firearms are relatively uncommon in Golarion and extremely unusual to encounter in the Inner Sea region outside of a few specific areas, they are nonetheless an attractive choice for use in crafting unique signature weapons and other great works. The fey of Arcadia created their own firearm in the form of the Rowan Rifle to gift to their champions, while in the Inner Sea heroes from several countries and regions have traveled to Alkenstar to have their trophies immortalized as part of a powerful and unusual weapon.

The following are rare and unique specific magic firearms, possessing unusual and sometimes outlandish special effects. Some among these firearms are cursed, haunted, or even intelligent. You can find more information on cursed items on Gamemastery Guide page 90, and more information on intelligent items on Gamemastery Guide page 88. A haunted firearm is simply a cursed firearm whose curse derives from a confused, enraged, or tormented spirit attached to the weapon. It is often possible, though difficult, to discover and resolve the unfinished business that will put that spirit to rest. In this case, the firearm's curse might be forever lifted as the spirit goes free to the afterlife, never to bother the firearm's wielder again