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Chapter 8: The Age of Lost Omens / The Great Beyond

Outer Sphere

Source Core Rulebook pg. 419 2.0
The scope of reality within the Outer Sphere is difficult to grasp. Here the gods dwell and the souls of the dead gather to be judged by the goddess of the dead, Pharasma, atop the spire in the realm that is her Boneyard. Anything is possible in the Outer Sphere, and its realms are as much manifestations of philosophies and belief as anything else. From the towering mountain of Heaven to the endless gulfs of the demon-held Abyss, be it the agonizing pit of Hell or the boundless wonders of Elysium, all of reality is represented within the Outer Sphere. Over time this reality erodes away and is recycled back into the raw material of life within the Positive Energy Plane.