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Roleplaying Creatures

Source Bestiary pg. 6
Whether it’s an adversary or a potential ally, a creature might have a very different worldview than the PCs. When roleplaying creatures, think about how they experience the world differently due to their senses, physiology, and habitat. Each creature entry in this book gives you some context about the creature’s worldview, motivations, ecology, and societies. Many sections have sidebars that provide relevant facts about creatures (labeled with the icons listed in the Sidebar Icons section on page 7). You can use the information in each creature entry as cues on how to roleplaying the creature in and out of combat. These cues can be as simple as a difference in idioms (perhaps saying “in the other tentacle” rather than “on the other hand”) and as complex as determining motivations, hopes, and dreams for an individual creature. Understanding a creature you’re playing also informs what tactics they’ll use, as well as whether they are willing to surrender or flee when things don’t go their way.